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Not having a computer in our modern world is on par with illiteracy in days past. Our mission is to provide computers to those who would otherwise not be able to afford one.


BCDD Coming to a Close

January 1, 2011 -- After 5 years of much hard work, persistence, and monetary contributions in the form of gas, spare parts, etc. the volunteers of BC Digital Divide have decided to wind down the organization at this time. From the many Thank You cards received, it is clear that the 1,000+ recipients helped during this period feel much gratitude to the handful of selfless individuals who rose far above the basic call of civic duty. Though many were involved at one time or another, those who contributed consistently over the half-decade include: Bruce Steven, Bob Rogers, Stan & Thelma Hryckiw, Hazel Siu, Trevor Davison, and Thomas Goodall.

A Flashback to 2005

We Need Keyboards & Mice

BC Digital Divide is very much in need of keyboards & mice. If you have more than 5 of either (or both) then please visit this page:

A Nice Thank You Letter

I received a computer the other day. Sorry for the tardiness of saying Thank You. The look on the faces of my children was priceless. I have waited for a computer for a long time, with no luck, until your organization came along. With the computer my children were able to play games, listen to music, and have a whole new learning experience. The name you have for your organization is more than perfect for I was "divided" for the longest time from everyone else. Until you came along. It is nice to experience the world through a computer. So much has changed. The last time I used a computer was about five years ago.

Karen Refugees

BC Digital Divide is very proud to have recently helped out a group of special refugees from Burma. Known as the Karen People, their story is a tragic one. But Canada is helping out by accepting them as refugees and many are resettling to BC. Two of our techs, Stan & Trevor, worked with The Karen's contact person, Sharon, to get each refugee family a perfectly functioning refurbished computer!

If you would like to find out more about our new neighbours and how you can help out, please click here.

Special Offer for Past BCDD Recipients

BC Digital Divide's long standing policy has been that our mission ends once we've provided a perfectly working computer to a recipient. Put another way, if there is something clearly wrong with it right from the get go then we will resolve the problem. Beyond that though we are simply not in a position to resolve ongoing problems. But problems always arise with everyone's computer!

To help people out, long ago we identified a number of techs who are willing to work at reduced hourly rates to resolve computer issues. But there's something new . . .

Another Day, Another Dozen Computers

 Here's a photo of Bruce, our most prolific tech, providing over a dozen refurbished computers to be given out to families around Metro Vancouver. He takes great pride in every computer he works on, striving to ensure that every last bit of performance is achieved.

Bruce has been an integral part of BC Digital Divide from the very beginning and over 500 families have directly benefited from his efforts.

Generous New Donation from Pivotal!

As regular visitors to our website have known, for the past two months we've been without any computers to donate. But thanks to a very generous donation by Pivotal Software yesterday, we now have a new injection of desktop computers. They'll soon be refurbished and ready to go. So if you're unable to purchase a computer on your own then please do apply for one from us, preferably by doing so directly on our site!

Lotus Symphony Available for Free from IBM

Back in the old days of personal computing there was a product called "Lotus Symphony" that competed head to head with Microsoft Office as the business suite of choice. Some of us actually used it for a few years and thought it was absolutely superb! Fast forward to 2009 and Lotus Symphony is now available for FREE from IBM.

Though all BCDD computers come equipped with Open Office, which is a fine application too, users might want to try downloading a copy of Symphony and giving it a try too!

Frequently Asked Questions

Danny Durand is a 19 year old Computer Science student in Aguascalientes, Mexico. He frequently visits Vancouver and is a big supporter of BC Digital Divide. He has agreed to answer questions posed by BCDD Recipients, in the same spirit as is done at Yahoo Answers. Whenever necessary he will seek advice from the BCDD techs.

If you have a question about your BC Digital Divide computer or the software on it then please send your question to Please be as precise as possible, providing as many facts as are necessary to resolve the problem. He will do his best to answer your question in a timely manner. The most useful questions & answers will be published below.